London projects

South Bank London: exploring and wayfinding

Walk This Way: updating and rewriting an architecture and history walking guide to the South Bank in London.

The Walk This Way – South Bank guide was first published in 2003. It aimed to explain the “architecture and history at your feet” in this hugely popular area of central London.

My husband (London Tour Guide & Historian Peter Berthoud) and I were commissioned by South Bank Employers Group (SBEG) to revise and update the walking guide in 2016, to coincide with celebrations around 25 years of SBEG.

A lot had changed around the South Bank since 2003. SBEG wished to retain the informed and well-researched ethos of the first edition with a focus on architecture and history while sharing fascinating facts, showcasing new developments and flagging future projects. 

We were keen to ensure the walk was informative, entertaining and manageable within a couple of hours and so undertook in-depth field work and research to enhance our knowledge of the area.

We redesigned the route, making surprising discoveries along the way, taking visitors inside the iconic buildings, taking note of refreshment and toilet stops and ensuring the most efficient and safe journey through the area.

Much of the original copy had to be re-written and re-edited in a tight timescale, and we worked with SBEG’s designer and project manager on mapping and laying out the new route. 

Walk This Way – South Bank was launched on Open House weekend 2016 and Peter and I led c.100 people on free guided walks of the area.

The guide is still available online and my husband and I are still very happy to take private groups on guided tours of this fascinating area.

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